Pre-manufactured Guardrail Systems

Pre-manufactured guardrail systems have been utilized by many of LJB’s clients, as well as specified by LJB for a variety of applications in recent years.  As more of these systems come on the market, it is important to note the limitations for the use of these systems.

It is not uncommon to see fall protection being misused in general.  For example, we often see improperly installed systems or PPE utilized incorrectly.  Another example of this unfortunate reality is portable guardrail systems.  An industry colleague of LJB’s at Turner Construction recently passed on the following information concerning proper installation of manufactured railing systems.  In the spirit of improving safety, Turner Construction provided a copy of the attached alert to LJB, and has allowed us to distribute the alert to our valued clients.

Turner Construction recently recognized the ease with which manufactured guardrail systems can be improperly installed.  These systems provide a convenient guardrail system and at times can replace traditional wood handrail systems as guardrail during construction.  While these systems provide great flexibility, cost effectiveness, and ease of use, each manufacturer has different installation requirements that significantly affect their overall strength and effectiveness.  Turner recognizes these limitations, and their internal CSO (Claims, Safety, and Operations) committee issued a release to all their offices regarding the use of these systems.  They emphasize that for the guardrail to function properly, these systems typically have very specific set-up requirements for each manufacturer. The installation requirements must be followed for the entire system, similar to manufactured scaffold systems.

Included in the alert are some of the typical ways that these systems are misused, as well as some additional steps that Turner has taken, above and beyond the manufacturer requirements, to ensure that these systems are properly installed.  When specifying these systems, or reviewing the installation of the systems, the information in the CSO alert provides a good starting point for determining their proper use.  Any system installed should also be reviewed against the specific manufacturer requirements.

For more information, please contact Thom Kramer (937-259-5120/ or Mike Shell (937-259-5179/

Click this link for the complete alert from Turner Construction:  Turner Construction Manufactured Rail Systems Alert – Dec 09

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