Don’t Forget: Fall Protection is not Intuitive

It’s just plain common sense that falling is dangerous, but protecting yourself from a fall doesn’t seem to register the same way in the brain.

A worker in a manufacturing plant doesn’t need a lot of instruction to properly use safety glasses or a hard hat, but using a safety harness in a way that will save your life, is just not as intuitive. Evidence of this misuse of fall protection equipment can be seen at nearly any construction site, among other places.

A consistently safe environment for your workers can be achieved by stepping back from the daily routine, setting priorities, and building a manageable and sustainable program—one that includes the critical step of PPE training for anyone using fall protection equipment.

LJB has scheduled a comprehensive competent person training course for Feb. 8-12.  This course is available for open enrollment, so anyone can participate if you are in need of training.  Please visit for more information.

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