ANSI Releases New Fall Protection Standards

To provide more information on personal fall arrest systems (PFAS), the ANSI Z359 family of standards recently added subsections to the standard released in 2007.  The new ANSI Z359.6, .12 and .13 standards were released on November 16, 2009.  The family of standards makes up what is known as “The Fall Protection Code.”

The goal of the new ANSI Z359.6-2009 standard is to provide guidelines for engineers designing active fall protection systems, including travel restraint and vertical and horizontal fall arrest systems.  Even if you’re not an engineer, having an awareness of the standard will make you a better consumer and ensuring that you receive a properly designed system. Key topics from the ANSI Z359.6 standard that should be of interest to anyone working with active fall protection system are ballasted style anchors, multiple worker falls, and clearances.

The ANSI Z359.12 standard focuses on connectors for PFAS, and the ANSI Z359.13 standard covers lanyards and energy absorbers for PFAS.

Two LJB professionals serve on the ANSI Z359 committee that published the updated standards.  Please contact Thom Kramer ( if you need more information on the standards.

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